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Entrevista #2: Joss Stirling (inglés-original)

Hola a todos! I'm so happy about this interview because I'm interviewing one of my favorite authors ever: Joss Stirling. I mentioned her in many post on my blog. Thank you so much Joss for letting me interview you, it means a lot to me.

Joss Stirling published a new novel called "Peril".
You can buy it by clicking  here.

Question 1: How different is this new book from everything you have written?

Joss: The main difference is that I’m setting it in the world of a near future rather than the present. I’m using that to explore posible outcomes of climate change in our lifetime. The paranormal element is different from the Savants, but sets up a comparable dynamic of a group with a secret.

Question 2: Would you create a latin american character for a future novel?

Joss: Of course. I already have a Latin American character in my Julia Golding series Young Knights. The Benedicts have Latin American connections through their mother.

Question 3: Which Benedict brother  would you keep?

Joss: In the sense, close at hand? I think Uriel and I would get on well as we are both fascinated by the past and he has a soothing personality.

Question 4: If you were a savant what would be your gift?

Joss: Probably to see the past.

Question 5: Could you describe shortly the way you would have met your soul mate?

Joss: I’ve been married to him for 25 years. We met on a minivan going to Prague.

Question 6: In which group would you fit in better at the YDA?

Joss: A Cat.

Question 7: How do you came up with ideas for new stories? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Joss: I think ideas come from a state of alertness to what is happening around you and in the world. Then there follows a series of connected thoughts that leads to character or plot.

Question 8: Have you ever thought about writing a LGBT novel?

Joss: No. I tend not to go for issue based stories but I include LGBT characters in my novels.

Question 9: I challenge you to describe your new novel “Peril” with three Spanish words (you’re allowed to use Google haha)

Joss: Distopica/romántica/suspense

Question 10: Which of  all characters you have created do you feel more identified with? Why?

Joss: They are all part of me, even the bad guys.

Question 11: Favorite book? Author?

Joss: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

Question 12: Do you have any routine when it comes to writing?

Joss: Yes, first two hours of the working day in a café with my laptop – then the rest of the day thinking about it and doing jobs like answering this question/answer session.

Question 13: When did you realice you wanted to become a writer?

Joss: When I was at primary school and fell in love with books.

Question 14: Which books would you burn, rewrite and/or reread?

Joss: Burn – not a good idea. Rewrite – again best not to fuss but let it go. Fine to think about it and learn from the mistakes. Reread – I reread all the time so that’s a long list. The Lord of the Rings gets a visit once every year or so.

Question 15: If you could change one thing of yourself what would it be?

Joss: I’m very lucky to have so many blessings so anything that I’d like to change is pure vanity. I won’t indulge that side of me. The secret to a good life is to be happy with what you’ve got and be thankful for it. So many people have to struggle to get the things I take for granted – security, food, wáter, love, a nice place to live. It’s a serious answer to a chatty question but I think the Instagram world has made so many young people worry about looks and lifestyle that we need to stand up for reality!
Doesn’t mean I don’t have bad habits I shouldn’t work on changing, but that’s between me and my conscience!

Eso es todo por hoy! Comenten qué les pareció la entrevista, y si les gustaría ver más en el blog.
 Thanks again Joss, for taking the time to answer all the questions and letting me interview you. You can find the author in her  web pageinstagram and twitter .

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